Kekaha, Kauai, Hawaii

Bio: I like making things that I can hold in my hands and admire, and whimsical things make me happy. So I've decided that I'll spend my time creating whimsical stuff. Then I'll sit around and admire it. And after I've admired it for a while, I think I'm going to share it. I started sewing before I started kindergarten. My mom sat me down at that old, tan Singer, and I sewed along lines she had drawn with a pencil. Through grade school, I sewed tons of clothes for my Barbies. The Barbies that had not been blown up by my three brothers. There were not many of those. By junior high, I was sewing my own clothes. For a while I tried to see how big I could make my bell bottoms. And how many purses I could make out of old jeans. There were some memorable outfits happening back then. I get to revisit some of them through my school photos. Awkward doesn't even begin to cover my personal style back then. Thankfully I learned some pretty good sewing skills over all those years. I can totally rock an invisible zipper. I actually own a clapper. And if polyester double-knit makes a comeback, I am your go-to gal I finally made my way back to my fanatical sewing roots. Memorable detours over recent years have included scuba diving, bagpipes, jewelry making, card making, hula, stamping, tap dancing, knitting, crochet, lots of cooking classes, literacy tutor, and lots of child rearing adventures. I did not get eaten by a shark, I had a card purchased by a card-making magazine, won a state fair ribbon for knitting, and 100% of my children are not in prison. So not bad overall. Now I'm sewing for the joy of it, sewing what I want. And I'm just kinda having fun keeping track of it all.

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